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OzLINK Shipping for Dynamics GP

 Oz Development


OzLINK Shipping for Dynamics GP - Supports UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS - OzLINK is a SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates Microsoft Dynamics GP with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, DHL EasyShip and USPS Endicia.
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A "must have" for every Dynamics user who ships packages!

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP

OzLINK dramatically increases fulfillment throughput by enabling the real-time sharing of order information between Dynamics GP and various parcel carriers. OzLINK Shipping automatically updates Dynamics GP with tracking numbers, shipping charges and many other shipment details. This automation creates an efficient process allowing you to ship more packages per day with fewer errors. OzLINK completely eliminates all manual file importing/exporting, mapping or manual cutting and pasting.

Full support for all four major carriers

- UPS WorldShip®
- FedEx Ship Manager®
- DHL EasyShip®
- USPS® Endicia


- Always up-to-date and always up-to-spec
- Always compatible with GP and all the carriers
- No update disks or CDs… ever!
- Hybrid architecture, performance not affected by Internet speed

Advanced Options are available

- Email notification: that keeps you and your customers informed.
- Single page packing list and shipping label
- Business rule automation for automatically enabling services such as declared value, COD, third party billing, etc.
- And many more

Additional Features

- Access to all of the carrier services: hundredweight, international, return services, third party billing, COD, etc.
- Full end of day reports and summary labels
- 5 minutes from download to shipping.
- Ship with or without the GP user interface running
- Ship from sales orders or order fulfillments